Two of a Kind


2013-02-22 22.07.09

Beast finally arrived today! Max and Some Cuelinians (there’s a band name nobody thought of for obvious reasons) apparently got me this some time ago, but it took a while before he could get to me. But here he is!

[Just edging him out in awesomeness were four folded-up letters hidden in his packaging (by the girls, not at the factory). Sweeter and sweeter.]

Of course I couldn’t really end the night without getting a shot of these two. Sorry, Bumblebee, this lady’s taken.


Beauty and the Bee


Beauty and the Bee

Thought I’d try a photo post through the blog because it was just lying there. The blog, not the photo.

For some reason — I’m not terribly familiar with Funko Pop figures and such — Belle [#21 in the series] wasn’t included in the shipments of Pop figures that made it here as TK exclusives. This despite them bringing in virtually everything ELSE, from Sanrio’s Tuxedosam to rap person Flava Flav, of all people.

Then again, local assortments didn’t seem to have Boo from Monsters Inc. so it’s not like they just singled Belle out. Boo’s absence does result in a similarly broken “set” though — local stores only have Sulley, and I think I saw a Mike Wazowski exactly once, although that might have been a dream. Maybe Boo and Belle actually ARE case-limited to begin with? I dunno. It’s not like I’m actually building a collection of these. Thankfully. Anyway, finally got one at a good price thanks to eBay seller theluckypennyllc. Now the wait begins for getting a Beast [#22 in the series — who DID show up here].

In the meantime, this Mighty Muggs Bumblebee’s the only other figure I have of a similar aesthetic, so, er, enjoy this weird  photo.