Heroes: Unlimited. Space: Not so much.


The thing is, that's only 3/4 of all of them...

The thing is, that’s only 3/4 of all of them…

Still working up the nerve to post an actual blog-entry blog entry. In the meantime, have another image before the month ends!

This is a picture of acrylic risers I picked up from Tamago’s Cases and Bases [their logo is a toony tamago sushi slice, heh] with the express purpose of setting up all the DC Minimates I’d painted up over the last [literal] couple of years. Finding acrylic riser-making people is hard!

The word “heroes” in the title is probably a misnomer, considering at least half this display is made up of bad guys. I may eventually get around to posting individual photos and descriptions, should there be any interest. Over the course of an afternoon I quickly found that I didn’t have enough Blu-Tack, and that there was still a sizeable chunk of the little guys yet to be put up. Probably calls for another riser set in the future, sure, but I’d also need to have a shelf to put the risers themselves on.

See any characters you recognize in this teeny tiny photo? Sound off if you do [he said, whoring for attention].