30 Day Music Challenge Day 18: Working For The Weekend (Loverboy)


In an effort to drum up some posting after leaving this blog essentially dormant for, well, too long… here’s me taking the 30 Day Music Challenge. It’s spreading well enough that it’s still interesting, and it’s relevant enough to my interests that it’s worth pursuing. I love music, and I’ve come to associate certain songs with certain parts of my life, and it’s a fun opportunity to talk about some well-remembered songs.

Day 18 is “a song from the year you were born”.

Little, ahem, old me was born in the same year as Loverboy’s Working For The Weekend charted. I somehow went my entire life never encountering this song aside from its use in Click, until it proved instrumental in getting me hooked on Regular Show.


The actual music video is an odd affair with a super-lengthy intro, but skipping to the 2:20+ mark will get you the good stuff. It’s a good mix of the era’s synth and guitars, and is just overall a fun song. You can really see why it made for a good fit on Regular Show, aside from the on-the-nose plot match of working to make money for concert tickets.

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