30 Day Music Challenge Day 2: (I Would Walk) 500 Miles (The Proclaimers)


In an effort to drum up some posting after leaving this blog essentially dormant for, well, too long… here’s me taking the 30 Day Music Challenge. It’s spreading well enough that it’s still interesting, and it’s relevant enough to my interests that it’s worth pursuing. I love music, and I’ve come to associate certain songs with certain parts of my life, and it’s a fun opportunity to talk about some well-remembered songs.

Day 2 is “a song you like with a number in the title”. There were quite a few lovely choices, like Alana Davis’ 32 Flavors and the Spin Doctors’ Two Princes, among others. (I try to keep the songs varied as far as time periods go.)

I first became aware of (I Would Walk) 500 Miles by The Proclaimers thanks to my cousins, who were generally good pop culture influences on me at the time. I don’t recall it getting as much airplay as other songs of the time, but it was always a favorite and one of the pleasant memories of that unusual year. I wouldn’t encounter the song again (occasional radio airplay notwithstanding) until How I Met Your Mother would bring it back for an occasional gag.

FYI: to “haver” (hey-vr) means to “talk foolishly.”

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