30 Day Music Challenge Day 1: Sky Blue and Black (Jackson Browne)


In an effort to drum up some posting after leaving this blog essentially dormant for, well, too long… here’s me taking the 30 Day Music Challenge. It’s spreading well enough that it’s still interesting, and it’s relevant enough to my interests that it’s worth pursuing. I love music, and I’ve come to associate certain songs with certain parts of my life, and it’s a fun opportunity to talk about some well-remembered songs.

Day 1 is “a song you like with a color in the title”, and I’ll do the challenge one better by bringing in a personal favorite with TWO colors in the title. Anyone who’s heard me talk about music has heard this song come up, as it’s been a longtime favorite.

Sky Blue and Black by Jackson Browne is one of a few songs I came to know because of Friends (I don’t know if there’ll be room for it to make this list, so I’ll namedrop Embryonic Journey by Jefferson Airplane, one of the better other examples). This plays in the pilot, in one of the earliest Ross and Rachel moments, and it was a perfect song choice given its melancholy piano and the lyrical snippet featured (“If you ever need holding, call my name and I’ll be there.”).

One popular bit of trivia about this song is that it’s commonly picked as a wedding song or other romantic song, perhaps because of this line (or its association with Friends) — totally the wrong thing given how it’s about a wistful look back at a failed relationship and a commitment to be there for the other person nevertheless. In retrospect, fairly Ross and Rachel after all.

If you ever need holding
Call my name, I’ll be there
If you ever need holding
And no holding back, I’ll see you through
Sky blue and black.

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